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"Feeling good is as important as looking good, and private Gyrotonic® sessions at Spiral Fitness are just the ticket."

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Spiral Fitness is a studio committed to giving you the best training to target your needs and to educate the body in preventing injuries.

The aim is for you to enjoy your workouts in the privacy of a pristine studio while helping you to achieve your personal fitness goals.


"GYROTONIC® excercises taught me how to prevent injuries and has given me a deeper understanding of how everything works together."


Dena Abergel

New York City Ballet

Gyrotonic Workout
  • GYROTONIC® Workout

    GYROTONIC® exercises combine the elements of flexibility found in Yoga and the body sculpting strength of weight training. Participants follow a series of continuous, fluid movements that gently stretch and strengthen the body. The training aims to increase coordination, strength, fitness, flexibility and balance for the whole body.


    GYROTONIC® exercise is used worldwide by professional athletes, celebrities, rehab facilities and dancers. It was created in 1984 and there are currently over 5000 studios around the world. GYROTONIC® is a registered trademark of Gyrotonic Sales Corp and is used with their permission.

  • Rates

    $85.00 per 1 hour session

    $765.00 per 10 session packet

    $1,500.00 per 20 session packet


    24 Hour Cancellation is Required


"After just one session, I saw significant transformation in my strength and flexibility. As a professional athlete, GYROTONIC® training is by far one of my favorite workouts."


Charles "Peanut" Tillman

Former Chicago Bears Cornerback 2X Pro Bowl

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